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At Custom Rehab, we believe that every patient is unique and we strive to provide individualized, one-one treatment plans for each patient. It is our goal to restore our patients to the highest possible level of function as quickly as possible.

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We are pleased to welcome DAN BARCLAY, PT, DPT to our team!

Specializing in: Chronic Neck & Back pain, Headaches, Manual Therapy, McKenzie Method, Blood Flow Restriction Training, Back to Sport Rehabilitation, Functional Movement Screening, and Running Analysis.

Dan is an Idaho native. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Chaminade University in Honolulu while serving in the US Army. He completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the US Army-Baylor Doctoral Program in PT and served as a military physical therapist in various settings from inpatient to outpatient to austere deployed environments. Since retiring from the military, he has returned home to Idaho and enjoys maximizing the movement, comfort, and quality of life of his patients.

Dan has extensive training in manual therapy from the Army as well as working toward his certification in McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. He is a certified instructor for Dry Needling, having taught it in the Army since 2011. He also has expertise in treating any musculoskeletal condition, with special emphasis on neck and back pain, chronic pain, shoulder pain, knee pain using Manual Therapy interventions. He has worked with a diverse patient population from elite soldiers, to athletes, to elderly, to the high school student.

Dan has five amazing children and loves spending time with them. When not working, you can find him in the outdoors enjoying life or participating in any sport, especially grappling like wrestling, jujitsu, judo, and sambo. He is fluent in Spanish, with some knowledge of Korean.